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A Police Community Support Officer or PCSO is a professionally trained civilian working for Kent Police. Working for Iwade and Lower Halstow is PCSO Matthew Link. For non-urgent local matters you can contact PCSO Link using his email on the right. To report something which is non-urgent telephone '101' or for an emergency where there is a danger to life or a crime is in progress telephone '999'.

PCSOs work with, and under the direct supervision of, a dedicated local police officer. The benefit of PCSOs do not come from enforcement or arrest powers, but by being the visible presence in an identified community and knowing the neighbourhood and those within it. Utilising their skills and local knowledge and by working closely with police enforcement officers and partner agencies (such as Swale Borough Council) they are an effective tool in implementing long term solutions for anti social behaviour and disorder.

Regular surgeries and events are held locally. The Kent Police website is updated daily with these activities.


Police Community Support Officer
T: 999 (emergencies)
T: 101 (non-urgent matters)
W: Iwade Neighbourhood Police (on

Note that you should call 999 in an emergency, where life is in danger or there is a significant risk to property.

Use 101 to report urgent, but non emergency, matters.

For non urgent local issues that you wish to discuss with your PCSO you can use the email above.