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Freya will be part of the Olympic Torch ceremony at Leeds Castle
If you have followed since way back when you may remember a story about Freya Quested who was born on 20th December 2004 and was promised a role in the 2012 Olympics as part of a London Children's Promise scheme.

The London 2012 Children's Promise scheme pledged to provide every child born in the UK on 20th December 2004 the opportunity to play a role in a ceremony or event surrounding the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Sean Quested, proud father of Iwade's Freya has confirmed that Freya will be involved in one of the Olympic Torch ceremonies at Leeds Castle and also in the opening of the Paralympic Games.

Freya is pictured wearing a Childrens Promise 2012 campaign t-shirt and this photo was used in the media to advertise the children taking part in the Games ceremonies.

Good luck Freya we're proud to have you in Iwade!

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