Iwade Parish Council

Matt Gale Iwade Parish Council Chair
Chair of the Iwade Parish Council Matt Gale

Iwade Parish Council (IPC) is an elected body, a tier of local government with discretionary powers and rights laid down by Parliament to represent the Iwade community and provide services.

IPC ordinarily meets every second Wednesday of the month at Iwade Village Hall at 7.30pm. It is a public meeting and time is allowed on the agenda for residents' questions or issues.

Note there are occasional 'Extraordinary' meetings or the start time may be brought forward to allow for additional business.

The next monthly Iwade Parish Council meeting is ordinarily on 13 December 2017 at 7.30pm in Iwade Village Hall.

Council Members

  • Matt Gale - Chair
  • James Hunt - Vice Chair
  • Simon Cheeseman
  • Roger Clark
  • Pamela Horner
  • Phill Hyde
  • Ray Langham
  • Les Mitchell
  • Stephen Plumb
  • James Rook
  • John White

Contact Iwade Parish Council

Parish Clerk Lynda Fisher
53 Springvale Iwade Sittingbourne ME9 8RX
T: 01795 477015 (Mon-Fri 9-3pm)
E: iwadepc@blueyonder.co.uk
W: www.iwadepc.kentparishes.gov.uk

Parish Council Committees

Planning: Cllrs. Gale, Cheeseman, Mitchell, Plumb, Rook, Langham and the Clerk

Finance: Cllrs. White, Gale, Mitchell, Hunt, Cheeseman, Langham and the Clerk

Village Hall: Cllr. Gale

Recreation, Arts and Cultural: Cllrs. Hyde, Hunt, Horner and the Clerk, residents Dawn Gale and Claire Jakins

K.A.L.C.: Cllr. Clark, reserve Cllr. Hunt

Swale Borough Council

The Iwade, Lower Halstow & Bobbing Ward are represented on Swale Borough Council by Conservative Councillors Ben Stokes and Duncan Dewar-Whalley following the May 2015 election.

You can contact Swale in a multitude of ways as described on the Contact page of their website at www.swale.gov.uk or you can email csc@swale.gov.uk

Swale Councillor Ben Stokes for Iwade
Swale Borough Councillor Ben Stokes

Contact Councillor Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes
1 East Green Kemsley ME10 2SB
T: 01795 476979
E: ben.stokes34@btinternet.com
Swale Councillor Duncan Dewar-Whalley for Iwade
Swale Borough Councillor Duncan Dewar-Whalley

Contact Councillor Duncan Dewar-Whalley

45 Bobbing Hill | Bobbing | Sittingbourne ME9 8NY
T: 07889 808871
E: duncandewar-whalley@swale.gov.uk

Kent County Council

Iwade is represented on Kent County Council by Labour Councillor Roger Truelove and UKIP Councillor Lee Burgess as part of the Swale Central Division.

Kent County Councillor Roger Truelove for Iwade
Kent County Councillor for Iwade Roger Truelove

Contact Roger Truelove

Roger Truelove
54 Berkeley Court Sittingbourne ME10 1UP
T: 01795 425445
E: roger.truelove@kent.gov.uk
W: kent.gov.uk
Kent County Councillor Lee Burgess for Iwade
Kent County Councillor for Iwade Lee Burgess

Contact Lee Burgess

Lee Burgess
4 School View Tunstall Sittingbourne ME9 8DX
E: lee.burgess@kent.gov.uk
W: kent.gov.uk

Sittingbourne and Sheppey Constituency

Gordon Henderson is the Conservative Member of Parliament for the Sittingbourne and Sheppey Constituency which includes Iwade. Gordon holds Advice Surgeries so if you have an issue why not contact the Consituency office and make an appointment.

Member of Parliament Gordon Henderson for Iwade
MP Gordon Henderson for Sittingbourne and Sheppey Constituency

Contact Your MP

Member of Parliament for Sittingbourne and Sheppey Constituency
1st Floor Unit 10 Periwinkle Court Business Centre Church Street Milton Regis Sittingbourne ME10 2JZ
T: 01795 423199
T: 020 7219 7144
E: gordon.henderson.mp@parliament.uk
W: www.gordonhendersonmp.org.uk


Core Model Publication Scheme

Iwade Parish Council's Core Model Publication Scheme

Certificate of Employer's Liability Insurance

Iwade Parish Council's Certificate of Employer's Liability Insurance

Request for Financial Assistance

The form you can download below needs to be returned to Iwade Parish Council by the end of November by email or post (see left) for assistance in the following financial year starting 1st April. A guidance sheet is included.

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