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Image shows site location relative to Iwade (also in letter to residents - click on more)
Nicholls Transport are intending to submit a planning application to relocate to the land north of Swale Way between the A249 and the Sheerness trainline. The Parish Council are concerned about the huge impact on the A249 and noise levels in Iwade. Have your say at Iwade Village Hall to Nicholls on Wednesday 18th January between 3.30pm and 8pm.

Alternatively contact the Parish Council with your views or comments or contact Swale Planning Department.

You can comment to Nicholls at Nicholls Transport, Lydbrook Close, Sittingbourne ME10 1NW, ensuring you copy your letter to Iwade Parish Council and Swale Planning if possible.

You can email Nicholls at and also copy in our Parish Clerk at and Swale Planning at

View the exhibition information at

Click here to read the letter sent to Iwade residents in the Cormorant area. You'll need to rotate the letter to read it properly.

Keep an eye on What's On 7 Days on the home page so you remember to go to the exhibition and have your say now rather than later when the development is in full swing and make your views known as detailed above.