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Do you have this type of house?
Resident Heidi Girdler has problems with slabs coming off the lower roof of her Wards Romney house and is interested to see if any other residents have the same issue? If you do you can email Heidi at

According to Heidi, she has slabs coming off the lower roof which attaches to either side of glass roof panels on the lounge ceiling. She lives in Sanderling Way and is still within the 10 year NHBC warranty. When Wards came out to inspect they confirmed it was defective workmanship, however Heidi is unlikely to be covered to repair as they have a minimum claim level of approximately £800.00. Further they will only repair the side that has come off and not the rest which are also likely to have been put up the same way!

Heidi has noticed a couple of other houses that have had this problem and wondered what outcome they had.

Contact Heidi if you have any information that can help.