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Councillor Mike Whiting pictured with the new sign
A new speed indicator sign has been installed in Sheppey Way Iwade. The sign was requested by Cllr Mike Whiting, who represents Iwade at Kent County Council, and paid for from his Highway Grant Funds. Mike said, "Many residents and the Parish Council asked for something to be done to slow down traffic through the village, and I have seen for myself cars driving too fast. The pinch points and build outs are not as effective as they might be, with some motorists speeding up to get through them before oncoming vehicles.

The signs, which are effective elsewhere in the county, will remind speeding drivers to slow down to 30mph.

Mike has been asked how much the sign cost. It was £3000.

He has also been asked if it is permanent and yes it is.

Thanks Mike and let's hope it helps calm down the traffic through the village.