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The National Grid suggest holding on to something metal if you are within 20 metres of the power lines on Sheppey Way to avoid microshocks. Thank you to Dave Wastall of Iwade Parish Council who has provided us with the latest information on the microshocks reported by residents on the Sheppey Way to the island.

"Recently, some walkers and cyclists have reported small electric shocks when travelling along Sheppey Way to the North East of the village. In response to these reports, the Parish Council requested the support of National Grid in investigating the issue. They attended in January and monitored the strength of the electric field in the area under the power lines that stretch across Sheppey Way. The field strength was found to be high enough to generate a phenomenon known as a microshock but was well below a level that could cause harm to humans and animals. To help mitigate against the effects of microshocks, National Grid advise walkers and cyclists to remain in contact with anything metallic (dog lead, bike brake lever etc) while within 20m of the power lines. This will ensure you are at the same potential as the item you are touching and should reduce the possibility of electrical discharge."

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